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Hypex Bio Explosives Technology AB

A new, green, initiative in the civil explosives marketplace

The Swedish company Hypex Bio Explosives Technology AB (or “Hytech” for short) was formed to commercialize and to take ownership of the hydrogen peroxide explosives technology developed under the umbrella of the Swedish explosives company AB Etken Teknologi.

AB Etken Teknologi have been working for some years with international and Swedish experts and partners to explore the commercial and industrial potential of hydrogen peroxide explosives. The development started when Etken Teknologi became aware of the research work conducted by Dr. Miguel Araos and Assoc. Professor. Italo Onederra (The University of Queensland, Australia) on water gel-based hydrogen peroxide technology (HPG).

Dr. Araos and Assoc. Prof. Onederra significant work in this field provided the background for a joint pilot project in Sweden between Etken, STX technologies (Dr. Araos company), Luleå Technical University and Boliden Minerals, which was partly funded by the Swedish innovation organization Vinnova. Development and testing building on Dr. Miguel Araos and Assoc. Prof. Italo Onederra’s work was conducted to explore the benefits, costs and risks with the technology. The project resulted in an in-depth study of production aspects, risks and performance metrics (from an underground operation). However, it was found that the watergel technology was not suitable for the mining environment. AB Etken Teknologi reconsidered its use and re-aligned resources to focus on development of a significantly more stable hydrogen peroxide emulsion technology – HPE.

HPE technology was not well understood nor explored by previous research or outside parties which led Etken to engage in basic research utilizing in house know-how and resources. As a part of this R&D program, significant efforts have been made by Etken to develop a stable, cost effective and reliable HPE type explosive which have led to a commercialization of the technology in the European Union through a CE certification process and multiple HPE patent applications.

To streamline the commercialization of the HPE technology, Etken branched off the ownership and responsibility to the new Swedish entity Hypex Bio Explosives Technology AB – Hytech.

Hytech is capitalized to operate verification and implementation projects and has been organized with an experienced management board, investors and key experts to ensure the HPE commercialization success. Hytech holds laboratory, manufacturing, IP and regulatory assets making the entity ideally positioned to succeed in the commercialization of the Hypex Bio technology.

Our business model

Hytech wishes to operate a model in which existing emulsion production and loading equipment can be used or easily retro fitted to enable production of the Hypex Bio emulsion. 

Hytech will produce, customize and sell the crucial oil phase and gassing agents required in the emulsification and sensitization steps along with production and charging machinery where so is required. 

Utilizing our significant experience with the technology, Hytech will partner with distributors, partners and clients to ensure a successful and safe implementation of the HPE technology. 

By using our laboratory and effecting verification procedure, Hytech will be able to quickly test and iterate advances of the product to ensure that new benefits are offered to the market as soon as they are proven viable. 

Hytech believe in partnerships and understands the investment burden and verification steps needed to implement a new explosive system. We have therefore ensured that we can supply the skill, machinery and grit to successfully overcome such challenges. 

Statements from the board

Lennart Jacobsson

Chairman of the board 

I come from a background in finance and more particularly, the Nordic venture capital industry. Over the years I have invested, managed and sold multiple companies of various sizes and maturities. 

I believe that Hypex Bio is one of the most interesting companies I have come across over my years in the VC industry. The combination of timing, accomplishments and most importantly – the hypex team is an ideal mix of experiences and personalities. Green solutions for heavy industry will be the key to reach the high emission reduction targets set by the European Union and like-minded governments alike. Hypex Bio is ideally positioned to face this challenge for the explosives and mining industries.  

Pia Rudengren - Hypex Bio

Pia Rudengren

Director of the board

I have a background in finance with an MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics. My experience includes serving as CFO at Investor AB and building the asset management function at the Wallenberg foundations. Furthermore, I have worked more than 15 years as a non-executive board member of public as well as private companies, among them Metso Oyj and Swedbank AB. Today I am a member of the boards of Boliden AB and Academedia AB.

I believe Hypex Bio is a truly innovative company which will revolutionize the market for explosives and mark a shift into a more climate friendly development of the market.

Martin Gemvik

Director of the board

I have worked with investments, management and development of primarily technology companies in the early stages, for more than 25 years with a focus on venture capital. This means, among other things, being responsible for the evaluation and recommendation of potential investments as well as supporting the management and being involved in important strategic decisions. 

Hypex Bio is a company with a high-tech product that I believe will make a big difference from a climate perspective and thus also have a significant market potential in a sector that is currently under strong pressure to develop more climate-smart. This is a paradigm shift.


Sorin Valdman

Sorin Valdman

Director of the board

After completing my studies (BA International Business at J&W University in Providence, USA  and MSc in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics) I started working in the Real Estate industry. I worked three years at a pan European RE fund in London and spend the last 14 years working with Commercial Real Estate in Sweden. During this time, I co-founded two Companies, Redito and Venandi, together with my partners, acquiring properties in Sweden and Finland.

I have followed Hypex Bio since the start and am really impressed by the founders, their work-ethic and visions. I am looking forward being part of this journey which for ever will revolutionize the industry.