Customization to be suitable for every operation

Viscosity and texture (stickiness)
Oxygen balance and energy
Sleep time and stability
Gassing time, sensitivity, VOD and critical diameter

Hypex Bio Emulsion

Metrics and theoretical comparisons to ammonium nitrate emulsions

They Hypex B02 is a highly viscous emulsion with a white to light yellow colour. The product can be custom made to exhibit viscosities between 95 – 125 kPas and comes with or without a sticky texture allowing for use in up holes.  The emulsion is waterproof and can be used in wet applications and under water.

Production of the HPE unsensitized matrix is done in a cold emulsification process using pumping and mixing techniques to allow for small droplet formation.  The  unsensitized HPE matrix have passed the UN transport regulation tests (ADR) for emulsion matrix and is considered as a 5.1 (Oxidizer) product with UN classification 3085. 

The Hypex B02 emulsion is CE approved under the European Union Civil Explosives Directive by the Notified Body CerTrust (NB: 2806) and has hence passed the relevant tests. The B02 emulsion is suitable for use in colder temperatures under 30 °C with focus on underground applications. 

Sensitization to enable detonability is performed by either incorporation of micro balloons (glass or plastic micro balloons) but preferably done via a proprietary bio degradable chemical sensitization which is comparable to traditional chemical sensitization but without the health hazards of the traditional chemical gassing agents such as sodium nitrite. 

Applications and suitability

Hypex B02 is suitable for underground or surface blasting where the drill hole diameter are at least 36 mm where high demands are placed on charging speed, good water resistance and gassing time.

The Hypex B02 is unsensitized upon production and can be either produced on site or delivered in tanks or IBC containers.

Un-sensitized Hypex B02 emulsion must be stored in a cool, dark and well ventilated area where tem- perature control are in place. Storage temperature may not exceeed 30° C.

The B02 is designed for use in colder environment where the application temperature is not higher than 30° C.


MetricHypex B01Reference ANE
Density1.16 [g/cm3] (unsensitized)1,4 [g/cm3] (unsensitized)
Velocity of detonation3800-5500 [m/s]4300-5800 [m/s]
Gas volume1186 [dm3/kg]1064 [dm3/Kg]
Min. drill hole diameter28 [mm]30 [mm]
Detonation energy3,51 [Mj/Kg]3,2 [Mj/Kg]
Oxygen balance-0,48 [%]-3,9 [%]
Detonation pressure7,12 [GPa]6,85 [GPa]
Detonation temperature1936 [K]2273 [K]
Operating temperature-15 to+30 [°C]+10 to +50 [°C]
Storage temperature-10 to +30 [°C]+10 to +60 [°C]
Maximum sleep time10 [Days]90 [Days]
Recommended primer20 gram PETN/RDX20 gram PETN/RDX
White steam.